“While I knew this program would offer excellent training, what really drew me to the Brigham were the people. I felt like I clicked with everyone at the interview dinner, and that these would be people who I would want to spend the majority of my next four years with- family I could not only laugh with but also lean on during challenging moments.” 

Dr. Amy Wagenaar (c/o 2022)

Dr. Chenchen Costelloe
Chief Resident 2019-2020

“I chose the Brigham because it provided the perfect combination of what’s most important to me: a strong training program that would challenge and prepare me for anything, the exciting opportunities of living in a city with access to the countless outdoor activities of the Northeast, and an amazing community of talented colleagues I get to enjoy it all with. I am grateful for my training here and all the doors it has helped open. I’ve made some of my best friends and memories here in Boston (including meeting my co-resident turned fiancé 💍💍). Residency is (at least) four years of your life that you should enjoy and find fulfilling, both in and outside of work. For me, Brigham has always been exactly that.” 

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