Gwen Owens 
MD, PhD (c/o 2022) 

β€œI’ve found amazing research mentors at the Brigham. Before residency, I conducted research at Caltech to design new drugs and at NASA to develop devices for the International Space Station.πŸͺπŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸš€πŸ›°

In residency, I’ve been able to continue my research with several mentors in the anesthesia department. With Dr. Connor, I developed a hands-free control system for anesthesia monitors. Working with Dr. Muehlschlegel, I presented my research at a national conference as a first year resident. I am so grateful for all their support!”
Dr. Gwen Owens, MD, PhD, pictured with the current United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome M. Adams after her lecture at the American Society of Anesthesiologists National meeting in Orlando 2019 @asa_hq

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Obstetric Anesthesia Fellow Program

We believe that a strong introduction to the practice of Anesthesiology is critical to our residents’ early success and enjoyment of our specialty. To this end, we have created what we believe is one of the most comprehensive, immersive and enjoyable CA-1 Orientation programs in the country. 

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Dr. Jennifer Xiong
(c/o 2022)

"I just started a regional anesthesia and acute pain medicine fellowship at NYPH-Weill Cornell and I’m already so thankful for my amazing experience training at BWH. Not only did Brigham prepare me with the knowledge and clinical skills for fellowship and beyond, but more importantly, it taught me how to emulate respect for and collaboration with my fellow clinicians and healthcare providers while also giving me the confidence to do my best for patients. My time at Brigham was very special because of the amazing people I got to work alongside of and learn from.” 

Dr. Matt Kauffman (c/o 2020)

Residents happily picking up their prizes from 
BWH Anesthesia Trivia 2020

β€œI completed my residency training at UW in Seattle and came to the Brigham for cardiothoracic fellowship. I chose the Brigham because it is clearly a place where education, clinical training and innovation are valued and prioritized. It’s been a great experience learning from some of the leaders in echocardiography and be part of this excellent team.” 

Dr. Andreas Schuler

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Yuanting Zha, 
(c/o 2021)

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