Dr. MaryJo (MJ) Kramer (c/o 2023)

"When I reflect on the many reasons I chose to train at the Brigham, ultimately it came down to trust. I had trust and confidence in the program’s supportive and collaborative environment, as well as its integrity, expertise, and commitment to providing the most advanced training, exceptional patient care, and ongoing learning as medicine continuously evolves...

...I also choose Brigham for the awesome Boston running 😎.”

“I walked into my Brigham interview after almost a decade in Boston thinking that it was time for me to explore a new city, and I walked out feeling very certain that I would be staying in Beantown for a few more years after all. 

Although it goes without saying that I knew I would receive exceptional training here, what really drew me to the Brigham was a gut feeling that these were the residents and attendings who would become my friends, support system, mentors, and role models.

 I’m beyond thankful that I trusted my instincts, because here I have found people who are there for a laugh, cry, debrief, or advice whenever I need them, colleagues I am happy to be working with while I’m sleep-deprived on call at 2am, and friends with whom I will have a lifelong bond.”

Dr. Natalie Tukan (c/o 2022)

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Dr. Mary Morales 
(c/o 2022)

“The best part of doing my residency here is the people. I know that I can turn to any of my colleagues when I’m in need of support/help or when I just want to go out and do something fun. 

I am so grateful for the lifelong friendships I have made, and I cherish each of my co-residents dearly. Residency is filled with many highs and sometimes not so great lows, but getting to work with people I consider family makes every moment beautiful.”